Brooklin Chef’s Pandemic Recipe, Add a Bunch of Time to Family

Story collected by Will McGuirk, website:

Chef Christian Pritchard has an optimistic take on the Covid-19 pandemic. No one in his Brooklin-based family contacted the virus and his work provided him with challenging new opportunities, which he welcomed

“I will always look back fondly of the time we, my wife Kim and I, got to spend with our kids and dog. Every Friday night my son Lochlan and I jammed live online calling it “Friday Night Funk”. I played bass. He played drums and Kim and Liléa, our daughter, used their iPhones to project this event at 8PM every week. When the warm weather came we moved out front of the house. Within a few weeks we had other amazing musicians join in! The neighbours would be pissed if we DIDN’T play! This became a time for everyone on our street to reconnect through music and friendship. I will never forget it.”

“I’m happily still working with Aurora Importing. I have been lucky to have had fantastic work and opportunities through the pandemic. While the world turned upside down I have been busy innovating new products within our larger organization to help bridge some of the problems that arose. One of our companies worked with multiple international airlines. With that business pretty much seizing pretty much overnight some tuning needed to be done to keep business going. So, multiple new products were created quite rapidly. It was exciting and scary all at once.”

“I want to get back to travelling. I really miss that a lot. But if anything the pandemic was a time for family. I will always cherish the time I got to spend with everyone.”

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