Learning to work from home

My office had never worked from home before the start of the pandemic. And then all of a sudden, we had to learn how to. In the beginning, it was exciting to have the flexibility to sleep in a little longer in the morning and wear jeans and slippers to virtual meetings. But as the pandemic extended, working from home became something I had to learn how to do properly. For me, some days it is hard.

When you're in the office, you can count on your colleagues to get you up from your desk and grab a coffee. At home, that isn't the case - some days, my watch will tell me that I haven't stood up in hours.

There is also no need to rush home at the end of the day to meet my kids off the bus. Since I am here already, my day often extends an hour or two longer than it used to.

These are boundaries that I need to learn to set for myself. I'm getting there.

Virtual platforms have allowed us to stay connected with colleagues, family, and friends, no matter where we are. I know the benefits are many but I am still looking forward to the morning cup of coffee with my colleagues when we can.

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