North Durham resident looks forward to new beginnings.

Story collected by Will McGuirk, website:

Sagen Pearse is a funeral director. He and his wife live in Sandford, just north of Uxbridge. They are expecting their first child. Pearse is also a musician. He has recorded, and won awards. His day job also has its rewards, even during this most trying of times.

“I work at a funeral home; I have been at the same location for ten years now. The pandemic made us adapt quickly to an ever-evolving situation. At the height of the pandemic the sheer number of families we were serving was four times the average volume. We had to be sympathetic towards the needs of the families, while being strict about new rules and regulations which would change every few days or weeks, while still keeping ourselves safe. Every day brought new challenges which we would have to overcome as a team. Although the pandemic has been an extremely difficult situation, it has brought our staff closer, creating a family of friends.

“The pandemic has changed me at my core. It has made me appreciate just how precious our lives are, and we should be extremely grateful with the time we have. It was so disheartening hearing stories of loved ones who never had a chance to say the things they wanted to, unable to hug or kiss their parents or their spouses on their deathbeds. I make a point of saying what I feel, calling family members or friends randomly just to say hi, and that I love them. The overall experience of the pandemic has shown how selfless a large portion of the population is and how we are able to come together for the common good. New challenges lie ahead, but I am optimistic about the future.

“I recorded a new album which will be released early 2022, and my wife and I started preparing for our baby to arrive. I found solace in writing and recording, but I also found it in just being at home incubating a place of happiness and love. I found it very easy to “self isolate” even when restrictions were lifted. My wife and I laugh at how easy it would be to just never leave the house.”

“The end of the pandemic will surely bring a sense of comfort being around large groups of people. As for major plans, I intend on being the best dad and husband I can be, I don’t need the pandemic to end for this to come to fruition, but it would be a lot more fun exploring the world without restrictions with a little one in tow.”

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