Social Issues in the Spotlight for Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter

Story collected by Will McGuirk, website:

Uxbridge resident, Tania Joy, is a co-founder of the Springtide Music Festival. She is a graphic artist as well as a recording artist. In 2021 she released her sophomore EP “I Will Stand”, and won Songwriter of the Year at the 2021 OMAs. Her track ‘Planks and Marietta’, about a racist incident in her local community, was also nominated for Durham Song of the Year.

The pandemic pulled back the curtain on many atrocities that are happening in Canada and across the world today affecting BIPOC and LGBTQ2+ communities. It will be hard to go back to the status quo given the new landscape, and this ‘experience’ has awakened a fire in me to be a stronger voice, an ally and an active participant in making change and empowering communities to stand up for their true selves.”

“I set up a home studio for recording, and worked with my producer remotely to record and release singles culminating in the release of my sophomore EP I Will Stand in September, 2021”

“I also took the time to connect with audiences through virtual performances, took production courses, networked with artists and got involved in songwriting camps.”

“I am committed to booking more live shows, and partnering with other arts organizations in the Durham Region to promote live music and the arts. I would love to book a vacation and resume travel plans that were cancelled in 2020.”

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