Who can I contact for assistance?

    Please email Linnea.Veloce@durham.ca

    Can I submit a story anonymously?

    If you are registered with Your Voice Durham: 

    The screen name associated with your Your Voice Durham profile will be displayed when you post a story. 

    If you are not registered with Your Voice Durham: 

    A name and email form field at the bottom of the story submission box must be completed before you submit your story. You must enter your email, but you can create a screen name and only the screen name will be visible when your story is published. 

    Do I need to register to submit a story?

    We recommend registering and subscribing to this page in order to stay up-to-date on this project and other exciting initiatives, but you do not need to register to participate. 

    How do I upload a video?

    Videos can only be uploaded by a URL or an embedded link. To do this, first upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo or Vista and copy the URL to the story board. 

    Is there a word limit for written submissions?

    Stories can be as short as you like and a maximum of 750 words. 

    Any tips for filming a video?

    • Film in landscape mode
    • Try to use front facing camera
    • Look at the camera lens, not yourself
    • Try to have light facing or to the side of you 
    • Find a quiet place to film or turn off radios, fans or TVs to eliminate background noise

    I just submitted a story, why can't I see it?

    All stories will take up to 1 week to appear on the website. You will be notified by email when your story is published. 

    My story has been published, but I want it removed, what do I do?

    Please email Linnea.Veloce@durham.ca for assistance.