Why Get Involved?

Our online engagement platform is meant to inspire conversation and encourage community participation anytime, anywhere. There are so many reasons to engage with us—your voice matters.

These online tools will help to bring project information to residents in a venue that provides opportunities for discussion, collaboration and innovation.

Sign up today and have your say! All we need from you is your email, postal code and your age demographic.

Our Community Engagement Principles

  • Respectful: all voices matter. Please keep an open-mind and be polite when interacting with other users.
  • Transparent: this process will be open, objective, easy to understand, and accessible.
  • Accountable: your role will be defined, and the feedback you provide will always be considered. We’ll let you know how you made a difference on each project.
  • Inclusive: everyone is welcome, and encouraged to participate.
  • Timely: we’ll get you involved as soon as possible so that you have the opportunity learn about the initiative, and provide an educated opinion.
  • Continuous Improvement: we’ll always be reviewing and analyzing our methods to improve future engagement opportunities.