Addressing education needs for black children

by SarahA,

Black children need to be at the top of their classes in school. If they have the support from the school and community (meaning funding), they can be given more attention and support in order to be extremely successful in school and have greater opportunities post-high school to do well in society and continue these changes for ridding our society of anti-black racism.The black community do not receive the respect and humanity needed to address the (educational) gap between black and non-black children. Teachers, too, might be racist and give less time and attention to their black students. School teachers and administrators can be trained not to be racist.Is there funding to make sure that black children excel from kindergarten on? Scholarships are given to students who are doing well - the students who realize too late how fundamental schooling is for their future will never get a chance to get a scholarship or go to university. This creates a cycle of low education and low income. Start from the youngest age!

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