Bi-racial POC and have experienced racism all my life.. .

by ladyatomica,

The notion that Canada is better off than our "neighbors" to the South, or that we simply don't have systematic racism is entirely incorrect. Unfortunately, the current racial tensions have opened the floodgates for emboldened racists to let their ideologies and opinions be known. Loud and clear. In fact, I have not experienced as much overt and not-so-overt racism in my life, as I have since June 2. It is getting worse. White family members, bosses, coworkers, random strangers, all feel that they are entitled to racist behaviors and opinions which are shared out-loud.

As a bi-racial POC I am fearful for the safety of not only my family and friends, but also my community members whom I continue to see exposed to police brutality, systematic oppression and daily discrimination.

I am an educator and the level of ignorance that I have seen within the school system and it's educators is truly appalling. There is so much to be examined, and a lot needs to change. Let's start with our youngest generations who will carry forward new and acceptable ethics and values.

EVERYONE, young and small should have access to proper ethnic sensistivity training and culturally diverse teachings. After all all these years of having European culture shoved down our throats.

White people need to start taking accountability for their race as a whole, and stop pawning off the actions of others as that. You have a responsibility to play your part!

Ashley Gayle

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