Learning to put myself first

This pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of us. I feel like this pandemic break was good for me , I was only off for 3 months and luckily was able to go back to work full time. I was able to work out more and spend more time for myself and taking breaks when I needed too.

this pandemic gave me the opportunity to spend the extra time with my grandmother before she passed so I’m trying to take the pandemic as a blessing in disguise to spend the extra time with her. When she had to go to the hospital she wasn’t allowed visitors due to the pandemic and I know this hurt me deep because she hated the hospital and I wasn’t able to make sure she was okay.
this pandemic let me try out new recipes and find my love for cooking again.
this pandemic also made it possible for me to get my very first dog and brought the biggest light into my life and my families life.
The pandemic also helped my boyfriends business in landscaping as people were more interested in putting money into their backyard oasis rather then going to a beach oasis.
there were lots of times when the pandemic was a negative time not being able to see my friends and family as much and having many controversial conversations about it, however at the end of the day I think this pandemic has taught me not to sweat the small stuff and who was really there for me when I needed them.

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