Quarantined - March 2020

Remember when the pandemic was officially declared? I do. My family and I were in Cancun, Mexico for March Break and when we returned safely, we quarantined for the first time. We had no idea what we were doing and it was hard. So I started to blog about each day, to help ease the pains. Here is one of them for your reading pleasure.

Day 1 Quarantine Log

Started off strong with lists, two pots of coffee and ambitions to do many things.

First parent meltdown shortly after youngest child woke up.

Made masks.

Had waffles and played online reading and math app.

Felt like successful parents for playing reading and math app.

Did third load of laundry.

Played in backyard, felt like outdoor time allowed in prison.

Made the most of the outdoor time in yard.

Child meltdown, yard time over.

Parent meltdown followed.

Found P90X dvds.

Exercised to such dvd. Only lasted 20 mins but had kids jumping along.

Nutella sandwiches.

Writing letters, guessing words, cat still angry we left her.

Finally a reasonable time to make dinner.


Lost tv time because bathroom floor had more water than bathtub.

Kids finally getting along when they are grounded to their rooms.

Parents give in because kids are getting along.

Kids out for the count.

Parents spend their remaining energy writing this log.

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