My Son Didn't Learn How to Read Until Grade 4

by Enraham,

My youngest who has ADHD was consistently removed from kindergarten because the teacher couldn't manage him as he was always busy, on the move, and would become frustrated and angry because he was not being heard and spent 10% of that year in the class, and the remainder at the principle office. The Administration wouldn't step in, no one would help and I'm a parent of 3 and very connected into how to manage in a very complex red tape environment. It was only through my consistent advocacy that my son has a right to education and its his Canadian right to an education and I will support in any way both the administration and my son to ensure we can have a win-win situation.

If it wasn't for a change in administration with a more compassionate, caring and genuinely sincere principle Martine Robinson, my son likely would not have even been able to read by grade 4. She took over Eagle Ridge P.S. in the early 2000's and took an interest in my son, made changes, provided a safe place for him when the class was too overwhelming, supported him with a tricycle and helmet when he needed to release energy he could do so safely in the yard with supervision. She told me that my son is considered a "pillow child" which means, the child that she goes to bed at night thinking of how to support.

I"m blessed that we had an opportunity come across Martine Robinson and until this day my son still has fond memories of her support.

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