Response to: BLM - Both sides of the story

Hi Concerned Mom,

Firstly, I'm a 45 year old black man, born and raised in the GTA.

I think something you, as well as others are confusing (or using as a crutch, or poor counterpoint) is the difference between the "Black Lives Matter" organization vs. the overall movement and statement that BLACK LIVES MATTER. I sure that the vast majority of people who march, wear shirts, chant BLACK LIVES MATTER don't actually belong to the "Black Lives Matter" organization, or necessarily support EVERYTHING that the organization stands for (I've for one have even never visited their website). My point is, you should separate the point that people are making that BLACK LIVES MATTER from the organization. I could write a lot more, but I'll end with this:

I'm assuming that you do not identify as black, if that is accurate, ask yourself if you truly believe that black people are treated equally in society, or if you would like yourself and/or your children to be treated in society that same as black people are...


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